Awaken Holistic Bodywork & Wellness offers Professional Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Energetic Healing, and wellness services in beautiful Land o’ Lakes, Florida.

3942 Lake Padgett Drive
Land o’ Lakes, Florida 34639

Please contact Nicole J Miller, LMT RM with any questions or book a session via phone.


Professional Therapeutic Massage

Learn how to relax and connect with your body to inspire healing. Each session is customized to relieve pain from injury and stress by use of massage, heat, oils, and stretching. Mild, moderate, and deep tissue pressure are available as requested.



Reiki Energetic Healing

To encourage a state of wellness, reiki can stabilize the energy systems of the body.  Reiki can be used to discover where stress and emotions are being held and incite a feeling of peaceful bliss. This type of healing is very gentle and allows the practitioner and client to focus on releasing traumas and emotional blockages.                    


professional therapeutic massage with cupping therapy

Allow the ancient healing arts to bring balance to a busy modern life. Massage Therapy combined with Cupping Therapy allows for detoxification, pain relief, and stimulated healing by bringing blood flow to troubled areas.   Cupping Therapy is ideal for those who are experiencing pain and prefer a deeper tissue massage.


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Pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum phase often leave women feeling sore and drained — both physically and energetically. These sessions are designed to allow women to relax and allow the body to heal to encourage a healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

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Professional Therapeutic massage with reiki energetic healing

Reiki is universal healing energy that brings immense peace and gentle yet powerful healing to the recipient.  Paired with massage, this method can open the pathways to a balanced mind, body, and spirit.      Reiki Energetic Healing is ideal for those who are wanting to release blocked energy to encourage a more profound level of healing.   


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Awaken Holistic Bodywork & Wellness is excited to offer high quality organic CBD oil that is grown, manufactured, and third-party tested in the USA. CBD oil is a non-psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant that has been proven in research to help alleviate many ailments and conditions of the human body.