Massage Therapy for Pain and Stress Relief


Every Body Tells A Story.



I believe in the potential of the human body.  I believe that under the right conditions, the human body has the power to heal.

These ideas have blossomed from my experiences and the extensive and ongoing knowledge I have obtained about the human body.  This is where I have become inspired to help others who are seeking wellness to become reconnected with the mind, body, and spirit.  With the right tools, the healing potential of the human body is immense.

Imagine beginning your day with energy and strength and maintaining that potential until it is time to sleep again.  Now envision the possibilities!

A lifestyle immersed in wellness does not happen instantly, but I am here to assist you on the journey.  All of my clients receive custom and detailed care that surpasses any standardized, impersonal massage facility.  You are more than just a number when you step into my office. 

My goal is to understand what each and every body needs.  All people have a unique story and a unique background, and every person will heal according to their specific needs.  Together we will discover what your needs are to become your most vibrant self.

As a licensed massage therapist I can work with you to alleviate pain and become more physically capable. As a Reiki Master, we can recharge your energetic system and allow your subtle energy channels to realign and resonate with a powerful vibration. As an herbalist I can educate you on the healing plants that might help you to rediscover your vital life force.  I practice a plant-based diet and I am able to offer nutritional advice and meal planning ideas to feed the entire family in a more healthy way. Please visit the Services portion of the website to read more about what I am able to offer to each of my clients.

Click here to travel to the Awakening Woman portion of the website -- a corner dedicated to education about the yoni egg practice and womb healing.  This area requires a special password to enter the site -- contact Nicole to learn how to gain access.

Contact me to begin your journey to a vibrant reality!


Yours In Health,

Nicole J Miller
Licensed Massage Therapist (MA 82968)
Reiki Master



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The holistic approach focuses on the connection of the entire body.  The purpose is to understand the underlying cause of an issue in the body, thus reducing pain to stimulate health.  The way we can understand that a circuit board powers an electronic device is the same way that we can understand the energetic system that flows in the living body.  The interconnected components of the body must be realigned to produce optimal function.  By combining a healthy diet, herbs, mental and spiritual health with physical and energetic bodywork, the body can be stimulated to heal itself.