The journey to becoming an empowered, healthy, and vibrant woman can be both exciting and mysterious.  You might be wondering where and how to begin the process.  Many women find that creating a practice with the Yoni Egg not only offers physiological benefits, but also allows them to feel more spiritually connected with their bodies.   Read below to learn how practicing with a Yoni Egg can enhance your vibration!

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Benefits of Using the Yoni Egg

  • ·      Tone and tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor
  • ·      Increased strength of the yoni
  • ·      Enhance the tissue structure of the yoni
  • ·      Stimulate the cleansing and lubrication mechanisms of the yoni
  • ·      Decreased pain and lighter cycles of bleeding
  • ·      Gentle self massage of pressure points within the vaginal canal
  • ·      Prevention of disease in the sexual organs
  • ·      Hormonal balance
  • ·      Stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation
  • ·      Stimulation of energetic flow
  • ·      Balancing of the chakras
  • ·      Release of emotional trauma
  • ·      Increased body awareness and confidence
  • ·      Amplified vaginal and orgasmic sensitivity
  • ·      Enhanced sexual experiences and desire
  • ·      Increased fertility awareness
  • ·      Childbirth preparation and postpartum revitalization
  • ·      Stimulation of creativity
  • ·      Realization of the beauty in womanhood!

the yoni egg

A Yoni Egg is a high quality natural gemstone that is cut into the shape and smooth texture of an egg.  The egg is inserted into the vagina, where it both strengthens and gently massages the vaginal walls.  Practicing with the egg is ideal when doing yoga or participating in meditation.  Over time as the pelvic floor strengthens, women can wear their eggs while going about daily life.  Some women choose to use drilled eggs, which can be worn with organic hemp string or natural silk floss for convenient removal.  Undrilled eggs sometimes choose to stay in the vagina for multiple days, which is often an indicator that some extra attention is needed.  Trust that the egg will release when it is ready!


The term ‘yoni’ comes from Sanskrit, the philosophical language of ancient Eastern tradition. The word alludes the the vulva and vagina, and refers to the divine procreative energy of the female.  Our fertility and ability to bring life to this beautiful planet is miraculous and powerful because as women, we have the ability to carry and nurture new bodies and souls into the Earth.  When we become more connected to our physical, psychological, energetic, and spiritual being, we open up the ability to connect with the gifts of confidence, intuition, mindfulness, and love.  We are able to more easily push away from anxiety and embrace the creativity of life.  Jade Eggs were a common practice in ancient Asian culture, because the women knew of the value in keeping the sexual organs spiritually and physically strong.  Jade is known as a potent kidney stimulator, which balances the flow of yin and yang in the body.  Increasing this vital flow naturally stimulates the flow of sexual prana, which is an essential necessity of our human experience!


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Over time, less emphasis has been granted to the spiritual nature of the female body, giving the negative attitude of monthly bleeding as a messy nuisance.  While bleeding can be inconvenient with undesirable side effects, the attitude surrounding the monthly bleed can be envisioned and perceived in a more psychologically healthy way.  Monthly bleeding can become a celebration of fertility with healthier eating habits and a strong pelvic floor from practicing with a Yoni Egg. It is not ideal to dread an entire week out of every month of the year, and women can rise out of this negative conditioning to become aware of the beauty offered by womanhood! 


This process can also motivate women to connect with the entire fertility cycle, which can bring confidence to having a truly natural form of birth control.  The egg can be worn during the ovulation phase of the cycle, and will often remain inside the yoni with ease during this phase because of the natural mechanisms of the yoni during ovulation.  This is an amazing way for women to remain mindful that ovulation is occurring, and to refrain from lovemaking if a baby is not desired at the time.   More info about this process can be revealed – just ask!

Egg sizes - large, medium, and small

Large and medium eggs are ideal for women who are beginning the yoni egg practice.  The large eggs are heavier which offers strengthening and more ease in retaining the egg.  Some women enjoy wearing the drilled large eggs with a string attached, especially if they need to remove the egg for exercising, lovemaking, or other reasons. Medium sized eggs are moderately easy to retain and can also be drilled or undrilled.  Medium eggs are often preferred because they are present but also discreet, and can be worn during the day where gentle massaging and strengthening can occur.  Small eggs are typically used for more advanced practice after the muscles have been toned.  The small eggs can be paired with others for multiple use, and can also be used for advanced exercises.   Message or call Nicole for advice about which size would be best for your personal journey!

How to activate the energy of the yoni egg

Every woman has the choice when selecting an egg from the Awakening Woman shop to have reiki infused into the egg.  Reiki is an energetic form of healing that can be called in by an attuned reiki practitioner.  It is a common agreement that an energetically activated gemstone offers a higher vibration to the person seeking healing. 

Women can infuse their own intentions, energy, and prayers into their eggs.  Meditating with the egg before use can deepen the spiritual connection with the crystal, which can allow for a greater sense of healing.  Living creatures can only find true healing when they feel relaxed and safe.  Adding intentions and creating a connection with the egg will allow for genuine healing to occur.  Meditate on the womb and what healing is needed in the body, and notice the increased results!

Energetic cleansing for crystals can occur when the egg is set in moonlight, preferably in purified water with natural salt.  These elements allow for the frequency of the gemstone to balance, especially when the egg is actively working through emotional trauma.  Keeping the energy of the egg cleansed will allow more healing to manifest. 

Types of Gemstones

All of the gemstones from Awaken Holistic Bodywork & Wellness and the Awakening Woman shop are of the finest energetic and physical quality.  Practicing with genuine crystals is essential because certain gemstones should never be used for this practice, and crystals are often dyed or polished.  This could create an imbalance of the pH in the vagina, which could cause yeast infections and bacterial growth.  Alternately, pure gemstones will assist in the balancing and homeostasis of the yoni. The current selection consists of Amethyst Quartz, Black Obsidian, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Labradorite, Ocean Agate, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper, Serpentine Jade, and Sodalite.  The metaphysical description for each gemstone can be found in the listings at .


Why Gemstone Eggs?

Many women prefer to use a gemstone yoni egg over synthetic vaginal weights for multiple reasons.  A gemstone created by the earth has a powerful energetic vibration and the natural material of the gemstone will be recognized by the body.  Foreign and synthetic objects can be rejected or cause infections.  Certain gemstones such as tiger eye and malachite should never be used inside the body because they  can contain certain substances that are unsuitable for internal use.  All of the eggs from Awaken Holistic Bodywork & Wellness and the Awakening Woman shop are natural and of pure quality.  A woman should only allow pure healing to enter into the most sacred area of her body.


Gemstones naturally have a higher frequency and using them will raise your frequency!

Yoni Eggs and The Sexual Experience

Women often discover the true meaning of orgasmic bliss while practicing with the yoni egg.  Explore your sexuality and reclaim your divine and sensual woman!  Allow yourself to become immersed in the burst of orgasmic sensation that can arise from using the yoni egg.  Opening up these energetic pathways will stimulate the vital flow of the body and increase the mind-body-spirit connection.

Yoni Eggs can be worn during lovemaking, which can be extremely sensual for the woman and her partner. Large yoni eggs are typically not recommended for deeply penetrative sexual encounters.  Be sure to take it slowly at first and communicate with your partner so that you feel comfortable with the experience.  Relax and enjoy the increased stimulation and pleasure! Be aware that wearing a yoni egg is not recommended for casual sexual encounters, as the egg could absorb energy from other person.  Carefully select with whom you want to share energy!